checking in

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

we've been a little absent lately. i've been having an internal discussion and external one with the hubs about whether or not to keep blogging. you see, a few weeks back, we received a rather mean spirited email from someone we don't know and honestly it took the blogging wind out of me and i had to really consider, do i want to keep exposing my family to this kind of, not just nonsense, but downright nasty and malicious targeting? it would be easy to say, and yet impossible to do, "simply continue blogging but not about my family." this blog would become about nothing. literally nothing. a seinfeld version of my life, except extremely less comical. my family is my life. and they are my joy. they are the big things and the little mundane things, which, when woven together, piece by piece, make my life whole. so i have decided not to let the negative bring me down and take my joy away. happy wednesday morning. it's hump day and isn't that reason enough to celebrate?

oh yeah and this:

yup he's our squinty eyed bunny and the hubs and i love him. 

another day, another milestone

Monday, January 06, 2014

this weekend was one of those perfect weekends in a way that only a cold, frigid january weekend could be. it was filled with doing a whole lot of nothing except being with good friends, snuggled under blankets, watching the nfl playoffs.

we managed to squeeze in a hair cut for my scrunch who was starting to look like a hippy, and now he is quite dapper. but oh, it hurt a little to watch my baby get his first haircut. 

*before and after*

*sad mommy whose baby is becoming a little less baby*

we also squeezed in some family outdoors time. the husband threw a big snowball at the back of his pregnant wife. he was then shamed into doing penance by putting his face in the snow. it almost made the snowball worth it 


*let that  be a lesson to you: never harm, in the slightest, thine pregnant wife!*

hello 2014!

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

i am a little sad to say bye to 2013. 2013 has been kind to the carlsons. more than kind. 2013 has been an explosion of happiness in a way that we could have never even known to wish for. actually, to be honest, i am a little afraid to leave 2013 because it has been so great. the arrival of alexander brought husband and i joy that has been indescribable. sure, there have been a few marital spats here and there (no really, more than a few, we're not perfect here), and yes, we are still in the midst of dealing with the fallout from a crook of a contractor (that makes my jaws clench just thinking about it), but, motherhood, and alexander, and seeing the husband embrace fatherhood has satisfied me in a way that leaves me so full and yet craving more at the same time. in 2013, i have felt sated with life, so sated that i would feel guilty wanting any more out of life. now if only i could find the "pause time" button...

yet here we are, day one of 2014, and the champagne glasses* are sitting in the sink waiting to be washed after the ceremonial clink (at 12:01 a.m. because we were too busy looking at old pictures and videos of alexander to notice that midnight had struck). they remind me to toast to the things to come - to look forward with hope, and with an openness to receive all the good (along with the not so good) things that await us this year. upward and onward as the saying goes. and in this 2014 adventure onward, i sense exponential happiness on the horizon even as we leap from the great known happiness of 2013 to the yet to be defined 2014. BUT 2014, the carlsons are ready for you...mostly. so happy new year from our family to yours! may 2014 be the best year yet!

*champagne glasses filled with sparkling grape juice carlson #2 due july 2014. hear, hear to exponential happiness!*