Tuesday, February 12, 2013

as much as i try to resist being the asian person that i am, i cannot deny that i am a numbers person. it probably comes from shopping trips with my mom when jeans were thirty percent off and she would demand an on-the-spot calculation of what the reduced price would be when i was ten years old! it's actually a miracle that i turned out to be the shopaholic that i became, because math quizzes with momma chiang during trips to the mall can be TERRIFYING! but alas, i digress.

i am a numbers person, with mildly obsessive behavior. i have to "program" my calendar - actual and mental - so that i have a constant tally of upcoming events, and goals, a never-ending to-do list running through my head. so the other day, i found myself doing a little countdown of sorts and realizing that there is just way too much coming up on the burgeoning carlson family.

1. we're supposed to move in eighteen days. *fingers crossed* that this actually happens. this is the current state of our apartment.

2. i turn thirty-one in twenty-six days. i gave the husband the one month notification, but something tells me, he is going to let this slip his mind, to which i can only say, i will be much more pregnant and much more irritable at that time. and forgiveness and forebearance will be long long gone =)

i've spared you all a picture of me inspecting my eyes for new crows feet. ahhhh getting older.

3. there's going to be a wedding in thirty-two days!  in thirty-two days, big brother will don a tux and say "i do." whoa! and i will put on a flowy dark purple bridesmaid dress and a green topper and walk down that aisle looking like a proud, over-stuffed eggplant. i have a list of to-dos for this wedding that i am slowly making my way through: schedule husband for a tux rental, help big brother organize his photo list, and put together some wedding decor.

4. and let's not forget! there's a baby due in approximately fifty-five days! saying fifty-five days is actually more calming to me than acknowledging that the baby is due in eight weeks. eight weeks makes me hyperventilate and panic and think, "WHAT WERE HUSBAND AND I THINKING?!?!?WE CAN'T BE PARENTS!! WE'RE NOT READY FOR THIS. I WANT A DO-OVER - GO BACK IN TIME AND UNDO THIS SITUATION!!!!!" but, fifty-five days - fifty-five days, i can handle! (as of right now anyways).

here's how things are looking at day 225 of pregnancy (a.k.a. thirty-two weeks and a day).