not sorry

Friday, June 20, 2014

i want to say that i have been too pregnant to blog lately. which is partially true. that and it's been well near 100 degrees the past few days, which to me, has felt like 110 degrees (at least!) thank goodness for a well air conditioned whole foods 2.5 blocks from our house. it's been an evening ritual for me and the scrunch to cruise through there, devouring all the smoked gouda cheese samples (apparently alexander has quite the cheese palette), and soaking up all that strong, FREE air conditioning. and don't you know, it's hard to be inspired when it is so hot and humid out. but it looks like we're getting a break in the weather. just two days ago, it was 99 degrees (pre-heat index), and today, it's a balmy 83, with a high of 71 forecasted for our saturday! so things are looking up for us already.

to make things even better, my rockstar hubs sent me this inspiring video, which was entirely unexpected, but so appreciated. it was just the push i needed to get back to blogging. makes me wish i would have kissed him a little more passionately as he walked out the door to work this morning, but  you know, there's always tonight ;)

the take away is that basically, i never have to say sorry ever again in our marriage. and isn't that wonderful news for a friday, leading into a beautiful weekend?!

happy friday friends. and to all the ladies out there, let's be #notsorry because we're so freaking awesome (wish my hair looked so nice all the time).