how to know everything

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

i have a theory that if you say anything (within certain bounds of reason) with enough confidence, people will just believe you. that is until your benedict arnold of a husband calls you out during one of your moments of confidence, trying to explain why the leaves have managed to stay on so long this year (surely it is because we've had so much rain right? doesn't that sound believable??) and then to prove that you are right, you research on your smart phone, only to find that no explanation for leaves hanging on longer even comes close to yours. so of course you say, "well that's just the internet. i need to find a credible source (a.k.a. my [made up] knowledge base)," when what you really want to do is glare at your husband, point and say, "et tu brute?!"

but still, i am unshaken. i still contend that if you are 51% sure of what you are saying, go for it, with bravado and confidence. and people will believe you. (doubting husbands aside).