have i mentioned?

Friday, August 23, 2013

that the carlsons looooooooove fridays? the weekend is on the horizon, so close i can smell it - almost touch it! i've already got  a mighty to-do list for tomorrow; as usual, i am sure i have planned far more than we can get done, but at least i am good at something. it's called overreaching and overestimating my capacity. it's a real good self esteem builder when i fail time and time again.

but before i start shouting commands at husband and strategically mapping out my saturday, i am going to sit here, drink my black tea, and savor the thought of the weekend - oh so close! (as my blackberry rings off the hook)

what better way to kick off weekend than this?

is there any other more appropriate response to the onset of the weekend? 

romance is a box of tampons

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

random photo of alexander to kick off a post that is entirely not related to alexander. off to a fantastic blogging start already!

this one's for the ladies.

ladies, one of the signs that you have won the husband lottery, even in spite of his ability to play computer games ad nauseum, is if your husband will go to the local drug store, in the light of day, and pick up a box of tampons. bonus points if he is man enough to call you, and ask you what brand, what size, how many, etc., while in the drug store.

i just have to say, i feel like mother nature has cheated me. i was told that i would go many months, and likely up to a year, with a 'flo no mo' life after giving birth, as long as i was breastfeeding. well despite being a class A milk cow, with the ability to feed africa (said the lactation consultant), flo came back with a vengeance, leaving me curled in a ball. lucky for me, husband took the baby on a walk to the local drug store to pick up some flo necessities, leaving me to take a hot shower and feel incredibly bloated in private. if that's not love, well then i do not know what is.

and so, in this post baby world of ours, a walk to the drug store, and a box of tampons later, and i am swooning. it's the little things i tell you.

note to husband who may or may not be reading this post: a box of tampons does not then excuse you from the obligation to plan date nights or buy me flowers, or take a cue from a chick flick. (what kind of lawyer would i be if i didn't protect myself from liabilities here?)