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gracie + davey = gravey

hi and welcome to gracie and davey's little corner of the internet (does the internet have corners?)

gracie started this blog (with davey's blessing) on their third wedding anniversary to document their life's adventures - the good, the bad, and sometimes the ugly. here gracie shares their every day stories - the things they love, the things that have made them laugh, the things that have made them cry, and the things that have kept them plugging along.

Gravey Facts
gracie and davey  first met in the fall of 2000 during gracie's first semester at UC Berkeley. it was love at first sight for davey.
gracie  is a morning person and struggles to stay up past 10 pm (hello grandma!)
davey is a night owl who gets his second wind around 10 pm and his third wind around 1 am.
gracie loves football.
davey loves candy crush.
gracie loves to cook.
davey loves to be cooked for.
gracie does not love to clean or put laundry away.
neither does davey.
gracie and davey  tried for over a year to get pregnant. every day of trying and waiting was worth the arrival of alexander david carlson in april of 2013.
gracie and davey love being parents.
alexander is a scrunchy bunny.
gracie and davey are expecting baby number 2 in july 2014.
gracie and  davey are fellows heirs of grace, learning to live each day as receivers of God's wonderful mercy and love. 

thank you for visiting. gracie and davey can be reached at

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