baby, thy name is sugar!

Friday, December 21, 2012

lately, scenes around the house include me staring down a bag of chocolate blizzard cookies from trader joe's, telling myself, "i will not have another, i will not have another." baby says, "yes you will." and so the dance goes on, day after day, usually ending with me caving, and sitting on the couch with chocolate crumbs on  my chin. (note to self, must stock up on more cookies. supplies are dangerously low!) our little guy sure loves himself some sugar; that means he's going to be real sweet right?? i was pretty paranoid that i would not pass my glucose test given all the additional sugar my body now needs. yes, i said, NEEDS. but since mom and babe passed the glucose test with flying colors the other day, we treated ourselves. and it was divine. and let me tell you, you have not had caramel corn until you have had garrett's gingerbread crisp over the holidays! happy weekend!


awesome parenting

Sunday, December 09, 2012

around these parts, we have been practicing parenting and apparently, it's second nature to us, as we have awesome parenting skills.

each week of this pregnancy, husband and i read the weekly development of our baby in "what to expect when you're expecting." a little excerpt from week 22: "Though it is dark in the uterine cocoon - and even with fused eyelids - fetuses this age can perceive light and dark. If you shine a flashlight over your belly, you might feel your baby react..."

so what do we do? of course we shine a bright flash light! and no baby carlson did not react, so then we had to poke him until he woke up. yes. the husband and i definitely have this parenting thing down.

oh and yes, that's a boot on my left foot, because in classic gracie fashion, i sprained my foot - just going about my business, walking on the sidewalk. i'm talented like that.

progress report

Thursday, December 06, 2012

yes i know. i've been remiss with posts of late. but really, between emotional breakdowns over my new desire to constantly clean, there's just not that much energy left. i remain convinced though, that if husband agreed to let me make a semi-big investment into a new camera, i'd be more motivated to post (hint hint hubs), but here are some pics of our future home. looking pretty move-in ready if you ask me.